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Roastery: A Repository for Documentation


TruthJava serves as a roastery, providing a secure and confidential space for guests to 1) document their harmful experiences and 2) store critical evidence. This empowering resource assists in personal healing and dramatically facilitates legal action.


1. Focusing on Healing


TruthJava is a safe place for survivors to elucidate their stories of harm, exposing themselves to their painful thoughts and feelings—a standard of care for people who have endured traumatic events. Since this information is maintained in the strictest confidence, guests do not face bitter, harsh comments or repercussions. 


2. Preserving and Accessing Evidence


Storing documentation and the preservation of evidence is a major challenge faced by survivors seeking justice. Traditional methods of storing evidence, such as folders or boxes of physical copies or unsecured digital information, can lead to tampering, loss, or unauthorized access. TruthJava offers a reliable and secure solution to this problem. Survivors can securely document and preserve various forms of evidence related to their traumatic experiences. The roastery is not limited to written evidence; survivors can also securely store multimedia materials such as text messages, emails, phone records, audio recordings, video footage, and photographs. TruthJava prioritizes confidentiality and restricts access solely to the survivor.


Finally, in addition to providing a roastery—this secure evidence repository—TruthJava is also brewing a crucial feature that allows for seamless document sharing with legal and mental health professionals. This capability plays a vital role in the development of strong legal cases and the pursuit of truth and accountability. By equipping experts with evidence, survivors can effectively leverage their experiences to attain the favorable outcomes they are entitled to.

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