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United with Israel in the Face of Terrorism

by Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.

Chairman, National Center for Emotional Wellness

CEO & Creator,

TruthJava stands in solidarity with Israel as we condemn the heinous and catastrophic acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas. Our thoughts are with the innocent civilians affected by these senseless attacks. The ramifications of these acts extend well beyond their direct victims, striking at the core of our shared humanity and posing a profound challenge to our collective determination for peace and justice.

The unprovoked barbaric assaults on innocent civilians have caused irreversible devastation in communities. Families have been ripped apart, leaving behind shattered hope and a profound loss of security. However, during these dark times, truth prevails as we unite to support those affected and stand firmly against the powers of animosity and fear.

The challenge of addressing these attacks is compounded by the presence of hostages, which introduces an element of urgency and complexity. Our primary focus must be ensuring the safe release of all captive individuals. We call on national and international authorities to collaborate closely, coordinating their efforts to achieve a swift and secure resolution.

In these challenging times, we must prioritize our safety and well-being. It is of utmost importance to adhere to the instructions and guidance provided by local authorities and emergency services without question. Whenever feasible, it is advisable to limit non-essential travel. Additionally, implementing any recommended safety protocols will help safeguard yourself and your loved ones from harm.

Addressing physical and emotional needs in challenging times is crucial. Find comfort in your loved ones, friends, and supportive communities. Lean on each other for support, understanding, and empathy. Mental health resources, hotlines, and support networks are available to assist in coping with the emotional impact of these attacks.

Truth and accountability must be at the forefront of our collective response. A thorough investigation into these attacks will ultimately be conducted to bring those responsible to justice. The world must know the unabridged truth; those responsible must be held accountable for their heinous acts.

In light of these unprecedented terrorist attacks on Israel, we must recognize the importance of unity. Our response must exemplify empathy, compassion, and strength. We stand in solidarity with the innocent civilians impacted by these heinous acts and refuse to allow hatred and terror to divide us. We can provide support, advocate for justice, and strive towards a peaceful future through collective action.


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